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2007-11-02 16:22

  6.Which of the following best completes the passage below?People buy prestige when they buy a premium product. They want to be associated with something special. Mass-marketing techniques and price-reduction strategies should not be used because______

 。ˋ) affluent purchasers currently represent a shrinking portion of the population of all purchasers
 。˙) continued sales depend directly on the maintenance of an aura of exclusivity
 。–) purchasers of premium products are concerned with the quality as well as with the price of the products
 。―) expansion of the market niche to include a broader spectrum of consumers will increase profits
 。‥) manufacturing a premium brand is not necessarily more costly than manufacturing a standard brand of the same product

  7.A cost-effective solution to the problem of airport congestion is to provide high-speed ground transportation between major cities lying 200 to 500 miles apart. The successful implementation of this plan would cost far less than expanding existing airports and would also reduce the number of airplanes clogging both airports and airways.Which of the following, if true, could proponents of the plan above most appropriately cite as a piece of evidence for the soundness of their plan?

 。ˋ) An effective high-speed ground-transportation system would require major repairs to many highways and mass-transit improvements.
 。˙) One-half of all departing flights in the nation's busiest airport head for a destination in a major city 225 miles away.
 。–) The majority of travelers departing from rural airports are flying to destinations in cities over 600 miles away.
 。―) Many new airports are being built in areas that are presently served by high-speed ground-transportation systems.
 。‥) A large proportion of air travelers are vacationers who are taking long-distance flights.

  Questions 8-9 are based on the following.

  If there is an oil-supply disruption resulting in higher international oil prices, domestic oil prices in open-market countries such as the United States will rise as well, whether such countries import all or none of their oil.

  8.If the statement above concerning oil-supply disruptions is true, which of the following policies in an open-market nation is most likely to reduce the long-term economic impact on that nation of sharp and unexpected increases in international oil prices?

 。ˋ) Maintaining the quantity of oil imported at constant yearly levels
 。˙) Increasing the number of oil tankers in its fleet
 。–) Suspending diplomatic relations with major oil-producing nations
 。―) Decreasing oil consumption through conservation
 。‥) Decreasing domestic production of oil

  9.Which of the following conclusions is best supported by the statement above?

 。ˋ) Domestic producers of oil in open-market countries are excluded from the international oil market when there is a disruption in the international oil supply.
 。˙) International oil-supply disruptions have little, if any, effect on the price of domestic oil as long as an open-market country has domestic supplies capable of meeting domestic demand.
 。–) The oil market in an open-market country is actually part of the international oil market, even if most of that country's domestic oil is usually sold to consumers within its borders.
 。―) Open-market countries that export little or none of their oil can maintain stable domestic oil prices even when international oil prices rise sharply.
 。‥) If international oil prices rise, domestic distributors of oil in open-market countries will begin to import more oil than they export.

  10.The average normal infant born in the United States weighs between twelve and fourteen pounds at the age of three months. Therefore, if a three-month-old child weighs only ten pounds, its weight gain has been below the United States average.Which of the following indicates a flaw in the reasoning above?

 。ˋ) Weight is only one measure of normal infant development.
 。˙) Some three-month-old children weigh as much as seventeen pounds.
 。–) It is possible for a normal child to weigh ten pounds at birth.
 。―) The phrase “below average” does not necessarily mean insufficient.
 。‥) Average weight gain is not the same as average weight.

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